Yearly Archives: 2008

Multitouch with just a webcam. ‘Touchless’ – an open source project from Microsoft

Touchless is an open source demo and SDK from Microsoft. It was released in October – and it looks so much fun!

How to get yourself a sweet .ly domain name

After messing around with a couple of days ago (a really cute tool for coming up with domain hacks), I found out there are quite a lot of nice .ly domain names still available. It seems the reason is … Continue reading

Are you doing your user research on the right people?

There’s a persistent myth about guerilla user research that it’s perfectly OK to grab just anyone to act as a proxy for your users. Perhaps it’s something to do with the whole low-cost, lo-fi ethos that makes this myth so … Continue reading

My Presentation on Out of Box Experience Design

Out of Box Experience (OOBE) design is a discipline that consists of designing the details of the first few moments of owning a product, from the point of peeling off the shrink-wrap to the point of powering it up and … Continue reading

Clicktale’s new form analytics tool

Clicktale seems like it’s matured quite a lot since it launched. They have an interesting take on analytics – instead of going for a pure stats approach like everyone else, they are trying more of a click & keystroke logging … Continue reading

Better tactile feedback for touchscreen devices.

I’ve been chatting to Kevin Arthur of Touch Usability (and Usability Dude at Synaptics in California), who has been filling me in about some of the new developments in tactile feedback. The little rant I was having about “before the … Continue reading

What I’m doing these days

You may have noticed that this blog has gone pretty quiet over the past few months. This is because that’s because I’m working pretty damn hard at the moment, consulting on the user experience design of the Madgex Job Board … Continue reading

Tactile feedback on touchscreens – is it worth it?

Quite a few new handsets are offering tactile feedback on their touchscreens, like the Blackberry Thunder, pictured above. I can’t help thinking that because the manufacturers can’t do multitouch properly, they are opting to enrich their feature lists in other … Continue reading

Tim Mott on the role of user research in the origin of the Desktop Metaphor

Tim Mott and Larry Tesler developed the desktop metaphor at Xerox parc back in the 70s. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that it’s probably one of the most significant developments in interaction design in the past 50 … Continue reading

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

If you’re ever involved with field research, or if you just have an interest in human behaviour, you will find this video fascinating. It’s a clip from William H. Whyte’s “Social life of Small Urban Spaces” (1979). Moving on to … Continue reading