Clicktale’s new form analytics tool

Clicktale seems like it’s matured quite a lot since it launched. They have an interesting take on analytics – instead of going for a pure stats approach like everyone else, they are trying more of a click & keystroke logging approach, where they track your users’ mouse movements and key presses, reconstructing this data in various ways for you on your Clicktale dashboard, including video playback of each user, heatmaps, and now, form analytics.

I originally tried Clicktale when they first launched, and although the video playback tool was very impressive, it also felt quite raw. You ended up drowning in video data – not quite knowing which videos to watch, nor how to get to the bottom of it all. I haven’t looked at their service in months, but glancing at it now, I can see that they’ve been working very hard at addressing this very issue.