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TESLA (Time Elapsed Since Labs Attended) and RMU (Range of Methods Used)

In a recent post on Boing Boing, Clay Shirky talks about the user research approach used at meetup.com: […] Scott pulled me into a room by the elevators, where a couple of product people were watching a live webcam feed … Continue reading

Chalkmark: a simple app for testing page mock-ups on real users

Chalkmark aims to address the “challenge of user testing when there is minimal budget or time” – a worthy goal heading into cash strapped 2009. It’s made by Optimal Usability, a New Zealand based company who also make OptimalSort. Chalkmark … Continue reading

Top posts of 2008 on 90percentofeverything.com

Looking back at my last 12 months of analytics, here are some of my most popular posts: My presentation on Out of Box Experience Design: this is all about designing the moments between peeling off the shrink-wrap and getting your … Continue reading