Top posts of 2008 on

Looking back at my last 12 months of analytics, here are some of my most popular posts:

My presentation on Out of Box Experience Design: this is all about designing the moments between peeling off the shrink-wrap and getting your new gadget up and running. I gave this talk with Pete Gale of CogApp at UX-Brighton a few months ago.

User Centred Design is dead? Which bits?: this debate seems to go on and on. We’ve been talking about it at some of the UX-Brighton gatherings – a lot of the confusion seems to tie into how you define UCD and the alternatives. Have you read We tried baseball and it didn’t work by Ron Jeffries? It’s amusingly relevant to this debate.

The Boxing Glove wireframing technique: be proud of your barely legible scrawling and your inability to draw straight lines without a ruler. It’s a method, see!

Are you doing your user research on the right people?: this article is a bit of a backlash against all the articles that claim it’s a good idea to recruit random people to participate in your user research. It’s not. Although it’s better than nothing, street recruitment is the bottom of the barrel.

A review of Clearleft’s Silverback: I’ve recently met a few people who say the only usability testing software they’ve ever used is Silverback. This is pretty impressive since it’s so new – and it seems to be all down to it having a well placed price point and having a dead simple set-up process.

Which one of these shopping basket pages perform best?: this article reports on the findings of a multivariate test that Maxymiser carried out for Laura Ashley.

Designing end-to-end user experiences: why it’s worth looking beyond the “ends” of a designed experience.

Rapid Iterative User Testing: clients often tend to like the idea of “one big usability study”. It’s actually quite inefficient. Research and design work best when they dance together.