User Experience

Using decision tables to support contextual targeting in your UI.

Historically, marketers have given targeting a bad name, with creepy email campaigns and annoying ads that follow you around – but the fact is, targeted messages can deliver a lovely experience if they’re done right. An ideal restaurant is where … Continue reading

UX Brighton 2014: 10% off!

Good news everyone – I’ve secured a 10% off discount code for UX Brighton 2014. Enter “90percent” at the checkout. This code works for all ticket types – if you use it now you’ll get an early bird ticket for … Continue reading

So you want to be a UX freelancer?

People sometimes ask me for advice about getting into User Experience freelancing. Is it enjoyable? Is it worth it? Is it good money? The fact is, the answer to all these things entirely depends on you and the way you … Continue reading

User Experience and Jobs To be Done

In the field of UX, we’re all pretty familiar with the concept of behavioural personas, but not everyone is aware of the parallels between this and Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs To Be Done” theory which became famous in his 1997 book … Continue reading

Create your own Mac-based usability testing lab with viewing room

I’m currently consulting at The Telegraph where I’ve set up a new usability testing lab for the UX team here (by the way, they’re hiring at the moment). It’s a nice, simple lab set-up and I thought I’d share the … Continue reading

Top posts of 2013

2013 has been an intense year for me, having left Clearleft in April to start my own business as an independent UX consultant. I’ve got to say, I’ve been loving every minute of it. When you’re running your own business … Continue reading

Dark Patterns and Sports Direct on BBC Watchdog

This is probably of greatest interest to UK readers, but the sneak into basket dark pattern was featured on BBC Watchdog last week. This dark pattern is going to become illegal in the UK next summer, as our implementation of … Continue reading

UX Brighton 2013: the psychological foundations of design (10% off!)

Design is a branch of applied psychology. If you don’t know the first thing about the psychological foundations of design, then you’re not likely to be a good designer. I’m going to UX Brighton on November 1st, and you should … Continue reading

Deadly set: how too much focus causes mistakes.

Aviation Psychologist David Beaty on the phenomenon of ‘Set’ (1991): ‘Set’ is a survival characteristic we have inherited. The human brain evolved to help individuals live and survive circumstances very different from our own. It predisposes us to select our … Continue reading

The slippery slope

A paraphrased transcript of my talk at SMX Munich 2013 Let’s start with a little game. In iOS, there’s an ad tracking feature that allows advertisers to identify you (albeit anonymously). It’s turned on by default. Let’s see if we … Continue reading