New Mr Tappy: a filming rig for mobile and tablet usability testing

If you ever do usaility testing for mobile devices, you’ll know what a hassle it is to set up screen recording properly. The new Mr Tappy rig aims to solve these problems. Here’s a quick unboxing walkthrough.

This new Mr Tappy model is about 1/3 smaller than the original model, making it easier for you to lug around in your laptop bag and less tiring for users to hold during testing.

Comes with a neat little carry bag.

Inside the box you get various bits and bobs. The device itself is basically just some aluminum struts with a base at one end to attach your mobile device, and an HD webcam at the other end.

The webcam is mounted on a ball joint and the couplings are really well machined so it doesn’t wobble around.

2015-09-24 11.30.12
The base has either velcro attachments or a suction pad on the other side. The suction pad sticks to the smooth surface of an iPhone surprisingly well. I initially started to panic thinking I’d glued it on permenantly, but it actually comes off with a gentle twist, leaving no residue.

You also get an extra arm (useful if you’re testing huge tablets) and a connector for other kinds of cameras.

Finally here’s a screengrab of the video quality. Even though it’s not pin sharp, it does automatic white balancing and focusing, which makes it a lot less hassle to use than alternatives like the Ziggi HD. The benefit of Mr Tappy over a software solution like Reflector is that it works on any device with no preparation. Your users can just stick their own device on the pad and you’re away.