Bad Design

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor: the relentless salesman

I ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor on my aging laptop the other day and after scanning my machine for a few minutes it gave me this wonderful feedback screen: [Blue speech bubbles added for emphasis] Great stuff. Even though it … Continue reading

Mystery Meat in Vista Media Center

After all the beta testing – how did this one slip through the net? When you browse videos in Vista Media Center it only shows you thumbnails with no text label whatsoever. (you do get a filename displayed when you … Continue reading

Samsung E900 usability take-down

If you’re in the UK you may have seen this in The Guardian today, but if not – check out this this article by Charlie Brooker. A great takedown of the Samsung E900… As he puts it: “The whole thing … Continue reading

Nielsen calls the OLPC design approach “reckless” (and so do I)

In this BusinessWeek article, Jakob Nielsen calls the OLPC UI design approach “reckless” because they have done no user testing so far. Meanwhile, John Maeda bizzarely praises process as “…the Steve Jobs method. […] You don’t use focus groups. You … Continue reading

Vista Vista Vista

I’ve finally got a copy of Vista running at home. I’m mainly going to use it as a Media Center and I’d like to say that there’s lots of thing I like about it. I’d like to say that because … Continue reading

Crappy things about iTunes & iPods

Now I’m a Mac lover, but there are some things about iTunes and iPods that drive me nuts. When you’re listening to your ipod and a crappy song comes on, there is no option to trash it. If you import … Continue reading

Disinformation design

Check out the full size version of this sceen grab. Imagine you are planning on buying a new contract for your mobile phone. This deal looks good doesn’t it? 2000 minutes & 1000 SMS for only £25 a month, with … Continue reading

Whinging about the OLPC’s lack of User-Centered Design again

Maybe I should stop ranting about this but it really gets me going. The OLPC UI specs seem to have been revised slightly and it’s got some people saying things like “Wow!” “Genius!” “How Adventurous!” and that sort of thing. … Continue reading The 5 sins of Vista The 5 sins of Vista This is depressing reading. Basic bread and butter stuff which I’d hoped was going to get better in Vista. I had assumed that stuff like this had been sorted out but simply wasn’t being … Continue reading

Why didn’t they call the iPhone OS *Mobile* OS X?

If you check out the official iPhone site you will see that it declares: “All the power and sophistication of the world’s most advanced operating system — OS X — is now available on a small, handheld device that gives … Continue reading