Vista Vista Vista

I’ve finally got a copy of Vista running at home. I’m mainly going to use it as a Media Center and I’d like to say that there’s lots of thing I like about it. I’d like to say that because I’m probably going to spend the next few months bitching about it ;-)

Number one. It does look pretty. That’s the first time I’ve said that about a version of Windows since i spotted Windows 3.1 in the window of Dixons (and that was coz I’d never seen a 256 colour graphics card before)

Number two. I’m judging it as a media center. That means the whole 10 foot interface with no mouse or keyboard. And in that field there isn’t much competition. Nothing Apple is doing? (Please correct me…)

Number three. I’ve got way too many music files. Vista isn’t doing that well at not choking on my music library. That kind of sucks but I’m going to let it go. I’m not a typical user and I’ll have to fight this battle some other time.

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