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Is User-Centered Design Broken – or is It Just Us?

Cennydd Bowles recently argued on A List Apart that User-Centred Design “may be limiting our field”. I don’t agree, and I didn’t agree with Jared Spool when he said the same thing at IA Summit 2008. Funnily enough, I agree … Continue reading

Dark Patterns Awards at SXSW 2013: Last Call for Submissions!

Image credit: Paul McDonald Which website would you nominate to win an award as the most deceptive, sneaky and manipulative of the last 12 months? I’m very interested in hearing from you, even if you feel it’s already common knowledge … Continue reading

Combining Reflector and Silverback for iOS Usability Testing

If you provide usability testing as a service, it’s pretty standard for your clients to expect video footage to be digitally recorded and piped into a viewing room. So what do you when you’re usability testing on an iOS device? … Continue reading

Submitting a Talk Proposal to a UX Conference This Year? Read This.

This year I’m curating one of the tracks for the Information Architecture Summit 2013 together with Leisa Reichelt. This has involved reading over 100 submissions and choosing just 15 of them. In doing this I’ve picked up a fair bit … Continue reading

Why Lazy Registration Sometimes Fails

This is the kind of UX design process article I like. No back slapping, no chest beating, just a good honest story. Maybe I’m turning into a scratched record here, but dead ends and mistakes are inherent to a good … Continue reading

Brasí­lia: an excerpt from Urbanized

“In architecture it isn’t enough to just have the right building that works well. It can also be beautiful. It can also be different. It can create surprise. And surprise is the main thing in a work of art. […] … Continue reading

UX Brighton 2012 – 2nd November

All of a sudden UX Brighton 2012 is only a few weeks away. Somehow it’s been under my radar until now, but take a look at the awesome line-up! Mike Kuniavsky: Co-founder of Adaptive Path Jim Kalbach: Author of the … Continue reading

Imagine you’re clever

Here’s one of my favourite pieces of Educational Psychology research from the ’80s. The researcher took some kids, split them into two groups and gave them the same tests. One group was simply asked to “act as if they were … Continue reading

The Computer For the 21st Century

Sal awakens; she smells coffee. A few minutes ago her alarm clock, alerted by her restless rolling before waking, had quietly asked, “Coffee?” and she had mumbled, “Yes.” “Yes” and “no” are the only words it knows. Sal looks out … Continue reading

Another reason not to use reCAPTCHA

Is it just me or is reCAPTCHA’s audio test completely impossible to solve? I wonder how many sites are failing to comply with their local accessibility laws as a result. Try it for yourself: Can’t see the embedded item?