UX Brighton 2012 – 2nd November

All of a sudden UX Brighton 2012 is only a few weeks away. Somehow it’s been under my radar until now, but take a look at the awesome line-up!

  • Mike Kuniavsky: Co-founder of Adaptive Path
  • Jim Kalbach: Author of the classic IA tome ‘Designing Web Navigation’
  • Karl Fast: Professor of UX at Kent State University
  • Alex Wright: Director of UX at The New York Times
  • Ben Bashford: Internet-of-things Think-Tanker and Interaction Designer
  • Sriram Subramanian: Professor at University of Bristol and Hardware Electronics / HCI researcher
  • Guy Smith-Ferrier: Consultant, Author and Brain-Computer Interface Developer
  • Mark Backler: Game Designer and Kinekt / NUI specialist at Lionhead studios

The conference will spread across two themes. Firstly, the history of interaction design – teaching us lessons from the successes and failures of past innovations, explaining how they can apply to our day-to-day lives as UX designers. Secondly, the future of interaction design – from brain computer interaction (there will be a live EEG demo on stage!) to NUIs and smart objects.

The good news is that I’ve talked Danny into offering a 10% discount to readers of this blog: just use the coupon code “90poe” in the checkout. Also, if you’re a student then you’re eligible for a huge discount: all you have to do is email Emmeline the events coordinator, with some sort of proof of your student status (e.g. photo of your student id) and you’ll be able to get a ticket for just £50 instead of the list price of £149. Not bad, eh!