Methods & Tools

And the winner was…

Ok, so I’m following up last week’s post on Maxymiser’s MVT research. The findings are revealed below, and a few of you got your predictions wrong! It just goes to show that when you are putting the final stages of … Continue reading

Another Maxymiser example: which of these shopping basket pages perform best?

Here’s another Multivariate testing example from our friends at Maxymiser. The performance of each of these shopping basket pages were measured in terms of clickthroughs into the checkout process. Which do you think performed best? Answers in the comments with … Continue reading

Maxymiser publishes some great Multivariate testing case studies

A few months ago we had Alasdair Bailey of Maxymiser come and visit us at Madgex to give a talk on Multivariate testing. It’s fascinating to hear a specialist in the field of multivariate research talk openly about their findings. … Continue reading

Are you doing your user research on the right people?

There’s a persistent myth about guerilla user research that it’s perfectly OK to grab just anyone to act as a proxy for your users. Perhaps it’s something to do with the whole low-cost, lo-fi ethos that makes this myth so … Continue reading

Clicktale’s new form analytics tool

Clicktale seems like it’s matured quite a lot since it launched. They have an interesting take on analytics – instead of going for a pure stats approach like everyone else, they are trying more of a click & keystroke logging … Continue reading

A review of Clearleft’s Silverback

What is Silverback? Silverback is a simple tool for recording face-to-face user research sessions on OS X. It’s made by Clearleft, it’s in currently in beta, and the price and release date haven’t yet been published. I’m one of the … Continue reading

User-Centred Design is dead? Which bits?

So, according to Jared Spool’s Keynote at IA Summit 08, “User-Centred Design is dead”. There’s a good write up by Mia Northrop of Avenue A | Razorfish here, and another by Molly Anglin of NLC here. I usually love challenging … Continue reading

The 200 pound gorilla is out of the bag

Quietly announced on Twitter – Clearleft’s silverback app is going to be “Usability testing software for web designers”. See, I guessed right back in February! As a result I’ve ended up on the alpha testing team. My lips are sealed … Continue reading

Ethnio: neat looking tool for user research recruitment

Ethnio has come on a lot since I last checked – now it’s looking pretty damn good. Ethnio is a tool for finding participants for user research by enlisting live users from your website. If you’re not sure what I … Continue reading

Clearleft’s Silverback app: is it for user research?

Last week Clearleft announced that they are building a revolutionary new app, called Silverback. As a viral marketing tactic, they haven’t told anyone what it actually does, and have only released a rather lovely splash page. Well, I’ve clearly succumbed … Continue reading