Methods & Tools

Quiz: which of these search results pages perform best?

Here’s another press release turned quiz from Maxymiser. Which one of the designs below do you think got the highest number of clickthroughs to an item detail page? And which one do you think got the highest number of ‘call … Continue reading

Karl Sabino on the ROI of well designed error messages

A nice UX ROI tidbit from Karl Sabino over on the Think blog: Once the analytics were up and running, we could quickly see which pages occurred before and after the error page. This let us identify the user journeys … Continue reading

How Obama’s team used A/B testing to improve fund raising

This isn’t breaking news, but it’s an interesting enough tidbit to deserve being shared around. Back in November ’08, Chris Goward of Wider Funnel noticed that Obama’s team used Google Website Optimizer to run an A/B test on Unsurprisingly … Continue reading

Cheap and Free Alternatives to Morae: Usability Testing Software.

I’ve spoken to a few people recently who want a free / cheap PC app for recording usability tests, i.e. a screen recorder that does picture in picture. On a Mac, the solution is easy to find – it’s Silverback … Continue reading

The role of paper prototyping in the discovery of DNA’s structure

If you don’t know the story of how the role and structure of DNA was discovered, you really should read the full article that I quote below, or even better, read The Double Helix by James D Watson (a charmingly … Continue reading

Prototyping with Excel – weird or wonderful?

While I had this on my screen yesterday, the reactions of people walking past ranged from chuckling (“Is that for real?”) to asking enthusiastically if I had a copy to lend out. I’m not going to write my opinion here, … Continue reading

TESLA (Time Elapsed Since Labs Attended) and RMU (Range of Methods Used)

In a recent post on Boing Boing, Clay Shirky talks about the user research approach used at […] Scott pulled me into a room by the elevators, where a couple of product people were watching a live webcam feed … Continue reading

Chalkmark: a simple app for testing page mock-ups on real users

Chalkmark aims to address the “challenge of user testing when there is minimal budget or time” – a worthy goal heading into cash strapped 2009. It’s made by Optimal Usability, a New Zealand based company who also make OptimalSort. Chalkmark … Continue reading

Morae 3 and dual camera support

One of the main limitations of Morae 1 & 2 was that it could only do PC based user research. The new version offers dual camera support, which is a big deal. This means you can now use Morae to … Continue reading

A/B test results for the Firefox download button wording

Mozilla’s blog of metrics has released the results of a small A/B test they ran recently. Which of the following buttons got the best clickthrough rate on the “customise firefox” page, and by how much? One of them was significantly … Continue reading