Bad Design

If you don’t not want to opt out, untick this box…

I promise to stop ranting about the evils opt-in / out-out design patterns, but I noticed a real gem today that I had to share with you: It’s funny how the honest business objective of keeping in touch with your … Continue reading

Google’s New Advanced Search: tidier, but how much better?

You may have noticed that Google changed their Advanced Search page eariler this month. The new version certainly is a lot tidier than the old one, which was a complete dogs dinner – take a look at a screen grab … Continue reading

“Please press the cancel button and turn the adapter’s radio on”

An impressively awful dialog design from Dell. Bad on so many levels.

This is a great deal* (*actually it isn’t)

Some stunningly awful usage of the evil asterisk by for their X-series package (The UK mobile operator) – Actually, if you dig into the Ts & Cs, the limit is 1GB a month. This is a big difference from … Continue reading

OLPCs: if you were leader of a 3rd world country, would you buy them?

Imagine you are the benevolent leader of a small fictional country somewhere in the third world. Your resources are limited. While your country isn’t as poor as some other third world countries, many of your citizens can’t read or write, … Continue reading

Disinformation design: parking signs that trick you

Imagine it’s 4.30pm on a weekday. Are you allowed to park here? if so, how long for? This is a great example of disinformation design from Haringey council in North London. Because the council profits from poor information design, this … Continue reading

Funny one-liner criticisms of Amazon Kindle

“The Kindle will be to traditional books as the Segway is to walking.” (via slashdot) “The Kindle’s so ugly, Speak-and-Spells run away crying when it comes in the room” (overheard) “Amazon is touting this as the iPod of e-book readers … Continue reading

Amusingly indecisive dialog box in Windows Vista

Interesting piece of copy in this Windows Vista dialog box. Basically it’s saying: Type your product key in now. But you don’t have to. But if you don’t, you could loose everything. And you might have to buy another copy … Continue reading

Newsletter subscription on

“Oh shucks Sandy, you’re such a card! I wasn’t going to, but since you said it was going to be delightful, I think I diddly-will sign up to your newsletter.” … For the record, when you want to entice newsletter … Continue reading

A passing thought regarding Office users on one grey morning in November

How many people are being sent .docx files every minute of every day only to find themselves unable to open them?