New mobile first site

So, this is the new look 90 Percent Of Everything. It’s responsive, it’s mobile first, I like it a lot and I hope you do too.

It’s still work in progress but feel free to kick the tyres and leave some feedback here or on Twitter. This design actually started life in Apple Keynote, which believe it or not is quite a nice tool for mid-fidelity musings. Bevan Stephens helped articulate the finer details of the responsive behaviour and did the front end dev. Incidentally, Bevan also developed Dconstruct 2012 and the Ampersand 2012 sites. He’s an awesome guy and I believe he may be available for work right now if you get in there quick.

Finally, thanks for being a reader and encouraging my behaviour. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for more than 7 years and that I’ve picked up over 9,000 subscribers over that time.

I guess all that remains now is for me to start writing some decent quality content on a regular basis again. Watch this space.