Monthly Archives: April 2012

The 5 stages of coping… with user research

It may sound old fashioned, but there are still plenty of companies out there that have never done usability testing. They aren’t all dinosaurs, either – there are plenty of new start-ups popping-up who know they need to “do UX” … Continue reading

From Print to iPad: Designing a Reading Experience

A paraphrased transcript of my talk at UX London 2012. Do you want to know what interests me about our industry? It’s the fact that we always talk about the importance of making mistakes, and iterating, and learning from our … Continue reading

Real-life user experience design

My talk at UX London this year was about the iPad app that Paul Lloyd and I designed for The Week magazine. It’s been doing rather well in the App Store (The majority of ratings are 4-5 star and it’s … Continue reading