Help! I’ve been missold a old Macbook by Solutions Inc. Any advice?

Further amendment: all’s well that ends well – about 48 hours after the purchase, they gave me a full refund and were pretty nice about it. I guess I just caught them on a bad day.

Amendment: thanks for all the comments and advice here, on twitter and on the BNM mailing list. Looks like all the interest caused the shop to change their mind and offer me a refund.

I’m taking a break from my usual UX related stuff to ask for some advice in this post.

Last night I walked into Solutions inc in Brighton and bought a Macbook Pro. Or so I thought.


Having got the laptop home and started it up, I realized I’d been given a old model. I can understand how they made the mistake as it looks almost identical, is priced almost identically, and has almost identical packaging. The receipt shows that I bought the old model – but still, it was the store’s fault, as I clearly asked for the newer Pro model. So I went straight back in there and asked to swap it for the newer model and pay the small excess (only £50 or so).

Sounds reasonable? They wouldn’t take it back. They are saying they don’t legally have to take it back as I have opened the box, but in this case they will charge me a restocking fee (£50), plus the excess (approx £50) to give me the newer Macbook Pro. (Note: they aren’t offering me a refund, period).

They are also being really unpleasant, saying that if I take them to court they will win because “They’ve never lost a case at small claims court”. The manager, Daniel, wouldn’t even give me his surname. He also refused to give me the firstname or surname of the sales assistant who sold me the laptop (I suspect it may have been the sales assistant’s first day or something because he was having trouble with the till and didn’t know much about the stock).

So, my question is to you, dear readers, what do I do now? Do I take it back and pay the restocking fee (etc)? Or do I hang onto a computer that I don’t want, and go through the tiresome process of taking them to small claims court?