And the winner was…

There was about 120 respondents for last weeks quiz (Which of these search results pages perform best?) – not a bad turn out. What’s interesting is that quite a number of you were wrong, wrong, wrong! This is a perfect example of why expertise always has to be balanced with user research.

Design A was the winner on both counts. In fact, design B was actually the original design from before the research, and design A was the optimised outcome (see below for screen grabs).

  • Design A resulted in 23% more visitors reaching a cruise details page. (36% of you pollsters were wrong about this!)
  • Design A resulted in an uplift in sales (figure not stated)
  • Design A resulted in callback requests increasing by 9% (60% of you pollsters were wrong about this too!)

If you’re like me, you’ll probably be wondering about the statistical significance of these percentages. Unfortunately this information wasn’t in the press release. Still, it’s interesting food for thought!

Amendment: Alasdair Bailey of Maxymiser responds: “Usually, we recommend that clients wait until confidence is above 85% or perhaps slightly lower with a high level of ‘stability’. Most clients are happy to make a call at that sort of level although some hold on until the 90% – 99% range.”

Design B: Before optimisation

Design A: After optimisation

Many thanks to Maxymiser for releasing the details of this study!