Monthly Archives: November 2008

Designing end-to-end user experiences.

When you’re designing an experience, it’s easy to look at your competition and get caught up in the normal way of doing things. Rather than being innovative, you end up creating some small incremental improvements. A better approach can be … Continue reading

My VBUG’08 talk – following up on the developer Q & A session

I’ve just got back from giving a talk at VBUG 2008 in Reading. It was a very friendly crowd of developers who showed a lot of interest in “this user experience thing”, and I ended up doing a solid half … Continue reading

Diebold touchscreen Voting machine – not fit for purpose?

If you’re like me, you may have read about the usability problems with the Diebold touchscreen voting machines in the States. Before I saw this video, I didn’t realise quite how serious the problems are. It’s not a question of … Continue reading

Multitouch with just a webcam. ‘Touchless’ – an open source project from Microsoft

Touchless is an open source demo and SDK from Microsoft. It was released in October – and it looks so much fun!