Monthly Archives: April 2008

Latest addition to the family

I usually hate it when people blog about their sprogs but suddenly I understand… My daughter Lilly was born on saturday afternoon, 7 pounds 14, a little bundle of joy. I’ll be fairly offline over the next two or three … Continue reading

If you don’t not want to opt out, untick this box…

I promise to stop ranting about the evils opt-in / out-out design patterns, but I noticed a real gem today that I had to share with you: It’s funny how the honest business objective of keeping in touch with your … Continue reading

User-Centred Design is dead? Which bits?

So, according to Jared Spool’s Keynote at IA Summit 08, “User-Centred Design is dead”. There’s a good write up by Mia Northrop of Avenue A | Razorfish here, and another by Molly Anglin of NLC here. I usually love challenging … Continue reading

The 200 pound gorilla is out of the bag

Quietly announced on Twitter – Clearleft’s silverback app is going to be “Usability testing software for web designers”. See, I guessed right back in February! As a result I’ve ended up on the alpha testing team. My lips are sealed … Continue reading

Tracking the FOWD tweets today

It’s quite interesting to watch the FOWD 08 conference tweets as they happen. I’m quite surprised at how much bitching is going on. Check out the flash widget below – come on guys, play nice! Can’t see the flash widget? … Continue reading

Ethnio: neat looking tool for user research recruitment

Ethnio has come on a lot since I last checked – now it’s looking pretty damn good. Ethnio is a tool for finding participants for user research by enlisting live users from your website. If you’re not sure what I … Continue reading

IA Summit 2008 on Slideshare

Quite a few slide decks from IA Summit 2008 are finding their way onto slideshare. They all look great. As a taster, here’s Peter Morville’s Search Patterns presentation: | View | Upload your own

Count the passes (the inattentional blindness phenomenon)

I don’t normally link to items from Etre’s Reaction blog , because I’m assuming that it’s probably already in your feed reader. If not, you’d do well to add it. Their posts are fun, visual and frequent, which is rare … Continue reading