Are ‘Cheap Flight’ websites missing a trick?

I’m looking for a flight at the moment. I know the following:

  • Where I’m going from (well I’d actually like to see results for all London airports listed in an order of my choosing)
  • When I want to go (give or take a few days)

What I don’t want to specify:

  • Destination – I want to scan the list of results and see what catches my eye
  • Price – let me sort by price or set a ceiling though

If someone gave me to access to the underlying data I could figure this out in Excel or by writing a few lines of code but of course I have to access the data through various web interfaces. None of which give me the flexibility to search the way I want.

The main sticking point is destination. All the sites I try want this specified upfront. Am I the only person using the internet who knows they want a flight before they’ve picked a destination?