Roll on unmetered mobile web access

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Do you remember when you stopped paying per minute for your dial-up modem connection? Suddenly using the web became a real part of your life rather than something you occasionally “dipped” into with one eye on the clock.

If you look at the mobile web, the situation is all still very early ‘90s. Up until recently mobile users in the UK were paying over £2 per megabyte downloaded (often much more). But now we have some promising developments:

  • £5 / month for 1Gb data transfer on Three UK [“X-series Unlimited”]
  • £7.50 / month for “unlimited” data transfer on T-mobile [“Web’n’walk”]

Now it’s not cheap yet, but it’s starting to make sense for normal consumers to use the mobile web a lot. What’s bizarre is that other mobile operators in the UK are still trailing behind madly. On O2 it’s £5 to buy 4 megs of data, which they expect to last you a whole month!

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