The appleTV killer, only £4.99

Introducing… the TV-out cable!

TV-out cable

So some people are excited about living room “Media center PCs” (AppleTV, Windows MCE, etc) and some people are ridiculing the idea. I get this feeling that when making this judgement, people tend to think of their own homes, and then generalise to the whole world.

If you have a big home, then having a living room media-center “PC” seems like a useful device. After all your living room is the place you want to relax and enjoy all the media you’ve collected.

But if you have a small home, and you don’t have space for a room specially for your PC, guess where it ends up? Chances are it ends up in the living room. And from there, how hard is it to hook it up to your TV? er… not hard at all. And if you have a really small home, chances are you might just have a laptop. When it’s movie time you probably just balance it on the coffee table.

My point is, a dedicated living room media center PC (what a mouthful!) is a solution to a problem that not all of us have.