A cunning justification of why I should post very lazy usability reviews

Because thats wha your users are going to do.

A few times I’ve briefly used a product and then discarded it because of it’s failings and considered writing up the experience on this site.

What stopped me was the feeling that it was a little bit unfair on the product to not try and investigate further – was there a solution to the problems I found? Maybe it was my error – I might have been using the product in the wrong way.

It just occurred to me that I was completely wrong about this. The initial reaction I had was the one that should have been used to review the product in question. I as a user had already given up on the product and so probably would many, many other users.

If ne as a reviewer persevered then the only insight gained would be a ‘oh – look what might have been’ insight.

So I will now give in to every whim to complain and dismiss safe in the knowledge that I am performing a realistic simulation of the typical customer…