Rather Nice Critique of thetrainline.com

Andy Budd (the other slightly better known AndyB – he scolded me once on a mailing list for signing myself AndyB. Cheek!) demolishes thetrainline.com rather nicely.

I wonder if companies get to read this kind of stuff and whether they take it seriously? Andy has provided free gold-dust here and they should be sitting around a laptop in their boardroom frowning and holding their collective chins.

Not every critique is of this calibre and not every criticism is valid. Casual users often don’t understand the constraints that force you to implement things a certain way. But in it is amazing how many products get out the door containing howlers. If you were too cheap to do a usability study in the first place then google for yourself occasionally and you might get some valuable free advice!

Read every email that contains complaints and suggestions and repond humbly to them all – even if you disagree. And check your server logs to see if lots of people end up departing your site at the same place.

(Almost forgot. He just wrote an update to the original post which is what reminded me about it in the first place)