User Experience

Anatomy of a Hardware Usability Testing Rig

These days we all know how easy it is to record usability testing sessions on a desktop computer. You can use Silverback on a Mac ($69.95), Morae on PC ($1,495) or you can try one of the many other screen … Continue reading

Clearleft is hiring, come work with us!

We’re hiring a Senior User Experience Designer, which would put you in the same role as James Box, Cennydd Bowles (who is leaving soon) and myself. As a newcomer to the company, I thought it’d be useful for me to … Continue reading

If you were going to design Flattr’s sign-up process, is this how you’d do it?

The core idea of Flattr is great. You define a set amount of money each month (say $5) to tip content creators. Then, whenever you see something you like, you click their Flattr button and they get given a slice … Continue reading

Top posts of 2010 on

Here’s a few of the most popular posts I’ve written this year, enjoy! Dark patterns: user interfaces designed to trick people I first came up with the term “Dark Patterns” back in July 2010, and it’s great to see this … Continue reading


So, a few people have been asking where I’m going next, and finally I’m able to say – I’m joining Clearleft in February! This means I’ll be leaving a UX Lead shaped-gap behind at Madgex. Care to fill it?

Facilitating open UX: help plan the Mozilla Labs Concept Series program

How come developers often successfully collaborate to build open source software, but designers hardly ever work to create open user interfaces and experiences? Is UX design simply not suited to open collaboration? Or are there other reasons? One thing’s for … Continue reading

Clear Reporting & Critical Thinking: Why User Experience Needs to Remember its Roots in Psychology

“We are going to become increasingly disappointed with our progress if we just keep doing all of this back slapping that we’ve become so accustomed to.” – Whitney Hess (IA Summit 10 Keynote) There was a time, back in the … Continue reading

UX Brighton Presentation on Dark Patterns

I’m sort of live-blogging this, so I’ll be brief. My presentation from UX Brighton 2010 can be found on slideshare here, as a PDF here (2MB) and as a big-ass PPTX here (72MB). Huge thanks to Cennydd Bowles and Andy … Continue reading

The Times update their paywall UI, and guess what…?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the new paywall, asking “If you were going to design a paywall, is this how you’d do it?” Well, I’ve just noticed they’ve iterated the design, and guess what? … Continue reading

Wow, UX Brighton 2010 Conference, 13 September!

Danny and James have really pulled a rabbit out of a hat with the upcoming UX Brighton 2010 Conference. What a great line-up! Rory Sutherland: you may have seen his TED talk, Rory is Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK. Eric … Continue reading